glamonster (noun) (f/m) /ɡlæmɒnstə(ɹ)/

1. Simultaneously embodying male and female energy in the same space.

2. Combining the stereotypical extremities of macho-bravado and whorish-femininity to play with gender norms

3. Glamorous meets grotesque

4. The ability to devour an entire chicken while singing and never breaking a sweat.

One such creature that fits this definition is the Multi-Award Winning International Cabaret Superstar GINGZILLA. She is the epitome of GLAMONSTER. Daily societal norms are placed upon her and she smashes them with OUTRAGEOUS JOY and VULNERABILITY.

Her work has seen her terrorise SOLD OUT SHOWS in Edinburgh, Adelaide, Perth, London, Brighton, Sweden. She has been seen on The BBC,

XFACTOR UK and she won't stop until she has CONQUERED THE WORLD.

GINGZILLA, based in London embodies some of the most masculine-associated physical attributes: a luscious ginger beard, skyscraping height and deep booming voice, all beautifully paired with the 7” high heels, stunning beauty, and LEGS FOR DAYS.

She ain’t no shrinking violet. This GINGER, BEARDED BOMBSHELL is multi fascinated; a TV Personality, Theatre Maker, Singer, Model and MC there’s no stopping her.


Get ready world this GINGER is on the RAMPAGE......


GINGZILLA lands duet with Robbie Williams.

- X Factor. METRO

"I'm a monster wether you like it or not."

- Edinburhg Fringe, THE LIST

Why its rad to be a Redhead.

- FRITZ Magazine

Outrageous Journey of Self discovery.


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